Tree Inspections & Surveys

Tree condition and safety assessments to protect your premises and visitors, or when requested by mortgage lenders and insurance companies, in both residential and commercial circumstances. The survey collects information that is then documented in a tree report, with prioritised recommendations for remedial works.

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BS5837 Reports

A detailed arboricultural stock-take of trees in areas that may be affected by a proposed development. A clear and easy-to-digest report is provided detailing tree condition with recommended works and potential conflicts. Follow-on reports describe how the development can take place with minimal harm to the retained trees. 

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Follow-on Tree Reports

Tree reports commonly requested following a BS5837 survey to assess potential conflicts between a development site and retained trees. These are often referred to as a pre-development or pre-planning report:

  • Arboricultural Implication Assessment (AIA)
  • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)
  • Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

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Bats in Trees Inspection

Thorough inspections for bats in trees to British Standard 8596, as required by law prior to any tree surgery or felling. Bats are a highly protected and threatened species and disturbing or damaging their habitat can carry a heavy penalty.

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Arboricultural Specialists

Consultants at Arbor Vitae Arboriculture have each undergone rigorous training to achieve the high level of knowledge and experience that should be expected from a professional arborist.

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Having gained his tree surgery qualifications in 2004, owner and Senior Arborist, Mike Charkow, offers his broad spectrum of arboricultural qualifications and experience to help you protect and manage your trees for the prosperous future of your investments.

Contact us today for advice regarding any aspect of your trees or woodland environment.