Bats are a European Protected Species. Wilful, negligent or reckless disturbance of bats or their roosts can carry a large fine or even a prison sentence; it is therefore vital that trees are inspected prior to any arboricultural works such as tree surgery or felling.

Bats in trees and woodland

Our professional inspections for bats in trees are highly detailed and compliant to BS8596:2015 – the British Standard and best practice guide to surveying for bats in trees and woodland.

We can carry out ground-based ‘bat potential’ inspections as well as more thorough ground- and aerial-inspections of trees for bats using an endoscope.

Hire a professional

AVA’s professional tree consultants have been training with Echoes Ecology Ltd in the correct procedure for inspection of trees for bats since 2012. The training programme covers appropriate ecological aspects, legislation, survey methods, best practice guidelines, mitigation methods and practical applications (including the use of endoscopes) relating to bats roosting within trees and woodland habitats.

Mike Charkow (Senior Arborist at Arbor Vitae Arboriculture) completed his training in May 2012 and has since inspected many trees in locations across Scotland, looking for signs of trees being used as bat roosts. View Mike’s Certificate: ‘Bats & Tree Related Works Guidelines & Survey Methods’ awarded by Echoes Ecology.

Bats in trees inspection for Scottish energy provider

Arbor Vitae Arboriculture carried out inspection of several Birch trees on the route of the Beauly-Denny high-voltage power-line, to ensure no bat roosts would be disturbed. Find out more in our Case Study.

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