Tree Planting & Aftercare

Professional tree planting, advice and after-care, to ensure your trees will thrive in their new or existing environment.

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Woodland Design & Management

Professional design and management of woodlands, orchards, formal gardens and urban areas for a range of purposes such access, aesthetics, ecology, production of timber or fruit, or water management to prevent flooding.

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Soil De-compaction

Arbor Vitae Arboriculture can help improve the health of trees on development sites where soil has been compacted by machinery, stored materials or pedestrians.

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Root Inspection and Detection

We offer several careful methods of tree root investigation, to assess potentially diseased trees or uncover and map roots during development or landscaping works.

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Arboricultural Specialists

Consultants at Arbor Vitae Arboriculture have each undergone rigorous training to achieve the high level of knowledge and experience that should be expected from a professional arborist.

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Having gained his tree surgery qualifications in 2004, owner and Senior Arborist, Mike Charkow, offers his broad spectrum of arboricultural qualifications and experience to help you protect and manage your trees for the prosperous future of your investments.

Contact us today for advice regarding any aspect of your trees or woodland environment.