Disturbing news from the BBC about the failure of carbon-offset forests across the planet, with examples in the Philippines, India and Mozambique.

“Of the one billion hectares of landscape that countries have promised to restore worldwide “most” remains a promise rather than a reality”

Tim Christophersen, UNEP’s Nature for Climate branch

Many of these forests (planted to ease consciences about creating carbon emissions) have died or have been harvested. Even worse, some mature forests have been felled to make way for forest planting schemes!

“Many of the plantations have been promotional events,” she says, “with no follow-up action that is really needed to grow trees.”

Tina Vahanen, deputy director of FAO

This is greenwashing at its worst. It is clear that it is much better for the planet to conserve existing forests, rather than planting new ones.

If you really want to make a difference, please consider giving your money instead to organisations that protect existing forests, especially old-growth tropical forests.

We sponsor cloud forest in Ecuador through Rainforest Alliance.