Diseases of trees often occur in the roots, which can be difficult to assess without causing further damage to the tree.

Root investigation and excavation

Our professional arborists use the Air Spade to displace soil surrounding the tree roots, allowing the roots to be examined as to whether they are structurally and physiologically sound. This then allows us to assess the viability of the tree.

Any form of root excavation – including using hand tools – can cause the destruction of tree roots and loss of beneficial fungi.

Air Spade is the best tool for root excavation

Air Spade is a compressed air lance built for the purpose and is therefore one of the most careful methods of root investigation.

After using the Air Spade we apply a mix of helpful mycchorizal fungi to exposed tree roots containing endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae, trichoderma and Bacillus (bacteria for Nitrogen fixing, Phosphorous solubilising and growth promotion). The mix effectively repopulates the beneficial microbes in the soil to prevent long-term damage to the tree.

Arbor Vitae Arboriculture is the only company in Scotland to own an Air Spade.

Hire a professional

Root excavation work can be carried out to uncover and map tree roots, so that they can be avoided and built around when carrying out development or landscaping works. We can use a combination of ground penetrating radar and the Air Spade to accurately locate tree roots and then produce an accurate plan that can be used to design around the roots, leaving the tree unharmed.

Trenching through tree rooting areas with machinery – and even hand tools – can cause the destruction of many roots, possibly leading to instability of the tree and infection from pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The Air-Spade can also create trenches without harming woody roots.

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