Arbor Vitae Arboriculture are experienced in woodland design and management.

The benefits of woodland management

One of our earliest projects was establishing a native woodland of 1300 locally grown trees plus a small orchard on former agricultural land. The trees are thriving and will be a great benefit to the owners, local residents and the local ecology.

We also manage established woodlands, often when they have lapsed into semi-wilderness. Woodland Management relies on good communication between us and the owners, and often with the local planning authority as well.

Why design your woodland?

Woodlands can be managed for different purposes and the balance needs to be decided in consultation with the owners.

Examples of woodland management strategies are: Access (e.g. mountain biking, nature trails), Ecology (encouraging flora and fauna, natural habitat), Aesthetics (e.g. in formal gardens, cityscapes), Production (e.g. of timber, fruit or other natural resources) and Water Management (especially in or above areas prone to flooding).

Abor Vitae will be happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

If you would like help with managing trees, orchards or woodlands then please get in touch using our ‘Enquiry’ form. Alternatively, our ‘Request’ form allows you to provide more details, and send documents such as plans and drawings.