I am delighted to be featured in Arb Magazine’s Autumn edition, having written an article on the use of Air Spade for soil de-compaction and root investigation.

The article discusses the pros and cons of the tool – and after several years of using one, I would certainly say that there are more pros!

The Air Spade helps arborists to gain information about how to manage trees with minimal damage to tree roots, as can be caused by hard tools.

Not as sophisticated as equipment such as a ground penetrating radar or Resistograph, but when used properly, the Air Spade causes only minimal damage to fine tree roots and the tree will repair itself within a matter of months.

The article, titled ‘The Air Spade and its uses’, includes several Case Studies where I have personally carried out soil de-compaction or trenching, in West Lothian, Glasgow and northern Scotland.

Read the full article on Arb Mag about the sickly trees we have recovered, and how we have helped developers to build through rooting areas with minimal harm to the trees, or you can request a copy of the PDF via our contact form.


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